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Michigan Autism Academy is an Agency with Choice Provider (AWC) that understand the philosophy of Self Determination. We believe these set of principles enables individuals to have the right to direct their own lives through freedom of choice, independence, free will, civil and human rights, self direction and individual responsibility. People with disabilities can lead more independent and meaningful lives.

Michigan Autism Academy is the co-employer (with you) of your workers. We handle many of your legal and tax employer duties, but you are ultimately the managing employer. We will assist you to find, hire, supervise and if necessary fire your worker.

Our Staffing Agency

Our staffing agency pride ourselves on hiring the most qualified staff members who have been trained as a Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Direct Care Professionals.

Our trusted staff are trained to work with children with disabilities, older adult with disabilities, seizure disorders, down syndrome, diabetes, geriatric limitations and many other issues.