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CLS In-Home Services

Our staff is qualified and trained to assist persons with daily living supports in all aspects of the persons life including: daily chores & routines, bathing, grooming, dressing, transferring, medication, housework, laundry, meal prep, clinical programs, toileting, eating, community activities, skill building (such as socialization, behavioral, daily living tasks, health & safety, community inclusion, etc.), medical needs such as medical & dental appointments and basic daily medical care duties, financial management, shopping, organizing and general supervision.

Respite Relief (Children)

Staff who have a passion to work with children are available to provide additional or continuous care for children with disabilities at home or in the community to enhance socialization and behavior skill building as well as just to have fun.

We can perform in-home respite care as an extension of the program assigned by a clinician. Our staff will work with parents, guardians and clinicians to teach, sample and ensure assignments are performed correctly, comfortably and compliantly.

School/Supported Employment Services

We can accompany your child in school, in after school programs or day programs. We have the flexibility to attend IEP meetings when scheduled.

Michigan Autism Academy provides Supported Employment Services in Wayne County. Supported Employment Services includes activities to assist persons with disabilities to obtain and maintain paid employment that would not otherwise be possible without such support.